Socks have been a part of everyday clothing for centuries. Even if some people like to believe that socks are only a small part of a person’s outfit, this is not the case. If you do not wear comfortable socks, you can get tired feet and can even pay the price trough getting wounds or blisters. Because of this, you should always pay attention to choose high quality socks, that lay perfectly around your feet. On top of that, socks have established themselves as an important part in a person’s style. Men and women often like to show off their socks in their outfit. Wolford socks are not just any kind of socks. Here you can find products in the highest quality that can also impress with their unbeatable visual appearance and best possible comfort. You can find them in different lengths, shapes and colors as well as versatile materials.

Comfortable women’s socks are the first step to a successful and relaxed day. Next to the right size, the cut, material and band are of relevance. If they are chosen correctly, your feet are perfectly prepared for what is to come. Wolford uses blended materials for most of our socks for women, in order to combine the benefits of each material and balance possible downsides. When buying your socks for women you should in any case pay attention to the used materials and their blending. Cotton, for example, is especially skin-friendly and breathable, so that your feet sweat as little as possible. Especially during warmer months, cotton socks for women are perfectly suitable. Polyester is a versatile material, which works as a foundation for many soft socks. Polyamid and its’ special form nylon are the most used materials for our Wolford women’s socks. It is more fine than silk and still more tear-resistant than cotton. Due to this, it can be used for the thinnest but toughest clothing items, as can be found in the Wolford online shop. In its’ pure form it is also dense and therefore water-proof. For this, you can most of the time find other materials in combination to polyamid. Elasthan makes for elastic, breathable, but still resistant socks for women. When it comes to the band, a broader band fits better. Narrow bands are still a good fit and go perfectly with many outfits. When choosing your socks for women you should keep in mind if the socks fit, so that no wrinkles form. If you measure your feet accordingly, you should not have any problems finding the perfect pair of women’s socks in the Wolford online shop.

The Versatility of our designs for women’s socks gets visible after a short look at our collection. When it comes to colors you can choose between blue, white, black, beige and nude. The cut can also variate. No show socks, knuckle high models, socks for women that go over the knuckle – everything can be found. The different materialistic combinations also make for design variations. Fishnet socks in floral design, women’s socks with Pepita-print or ripped socks are our exciting models, whereas you can also find simple monochrome models as well as transparent socks with an opaque band. Show your creativity with Wolford socks for women and order your favorite models to your doorstep.

When summertime arrives it is also time for different socks. Socks that are too warm or thick should definitely be avoided in high temperatures. To avoid sweating, no show socks are the perfect solution. No show socks are models that cannot be seen almost at all, when wearing your shoes. Even when worn with low shoes like sneakers, they can be almost invisible. They only rise up to the edge of the foot, beneath the knuckle. This makes for them being almost non-existent visually, but also by feeling. They are made to protect the feet, while being as low-key as possible. You should avoid wearing no show socks with higher shoes, because not all your skin will be protected. This could lead to pain, blisters or wounds. Still, no show socks are not only suitable for sneakers. You can also perfectly wear them with other low shoes like pumps or ballerinas. Find no show socks and other women’s socks of the highest quality in the Wolford online shop and order your pair of choice to your home.

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