As the name suggests, shapewear tights are a special type of tights that help shape the body. The panty section is the most important part, as it supports the stomach, legs and bottom at the same time. You can easily shape your silhouette with our Wolford shapewear tights. Depending on the occasion and outfit, you can discover a wide variety of shapewear tights and stockings. Tights in different designs and colors as well as knee high socks that shape the calves are available here, all to optimize your appearance. Wolford support tights are the easiest and most comfortable way to attractively present your figure in its best light. Thanks to the high quality and precise fit, our shapewear tights are hardly noticeable even under tight-fitting clothing and thus form a second skin that conceals smaller bumps and flab at the same time. Thanks to the innovative and high-quality materials, you can also wear Wolford Shapewear every day without putting too much pressure on any part of your body. This makes support tights from Wolford real all-rounders that you won't want to go a day without.


Firstly you should know which part of your body you want to shape. Belly, thighs and buttocks all at once - or would you prefer shaping just your calves? For the latter option, it is best to use our support stockings. These knee high socks ensure that your calves are held firmly in place and appear perfectly shaped. With shapewear tights on the other hand, the belly, buttocks and thigh regions we just mentioned are the main highlight. Support tights can be found in our online shop with different degrees of shaping. We divide these into 3 different categories: Light, Medium and h4. So if you just want to improve the shape of your body a little bit, it is best to use the “Low” option. The greater the effect, the tighter the support tights should be. Do not be surprised when you receive your shapewear tights: support tights look much smaller than same-sized tights without a shaping effect. Since this is exactly the point, don't size up your shapewear tights if you value the shaping effect. It is also not a problem if the pantyhose feels tighter in the panty area than on the legs. This is also part of the design and essential for correct shaping. Due to the high elasticity, the tights should fit comfortably on your skin and thus create a feel-good effect. The effect of shapewear tights can reduce the circumference of your body in the formed zones by up to a whole clothing size, which is particularly useful for tight-fitting clothing. You no longer have to worry if you have a few extra pounds on the scale - your skin-tight dress or skinny jeans will still fit like a glove. Discover the variety of Wolford support tights in our smart online shop.


Sometimes you not only want to shape your hip, stomach and thigh regions, but also your calves. If the skinny jeans are suddenly a little too tight around the legs, it can be quite uncomfortable. Support stockings from Wolford provide a remedy here: the close-fitting knee socks bring your calves back into the shape you like best. At the same time, blood circulation in the lower legs is promoted, so that a swelling of the legs is prevented and your legs tire less quickly. The high elasticity ensures that your support stockings fit snugly. By wearing our support stockings you’ll have a lot more fun with tight-fitting jeans and you no longer need to worry about getting stuck in your trouser leg. Order high-quality support stockings in the Wolford online shop.


Support tights and support stockings do not necessarily have to have the classic skin-colored design. Depending on the outfit you want to wear, you will find both transparent and opaque tights with a support factor in our product range. Alternative colors such as black or blue can also be found here. You can find unusual designs such as see-through tights with dots or models with purposefully visible seams. And don't worry: the panty section of our support tights is always opaque. Browse online at Wolford now and find support stockings and tights that match your outfit and style.

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