Leggings for women have become an indispensable part of modern fashion. These comfortable trousers are characterized above all by elastic and rather thin materials, their tight fit and of course the high level of comfort. They come in a wide variety of shapes and lengths, so you can wear leggings all year round. Whether as an alternative to tights, under the skirt in autumn or as Capri leggings in hot summer days - leggings are really versatile. When it comes to picking an outfit with leggings, there are hardly any limits - whether you combine the leggings with a sweater, a shirt, a skirt or a dress is completely up to you.


The concept of leggings has been around for centuries. From Asia and Europe to the native peoples of North America, both women and men wore different archetypes of leggings. The first modern leggings came into use in the 20th century. At that time still known as “gymnastic pants”, they initially also served this purpose and were used as sports pants. Due to the elastic materials and the close-fitting cut, they didn’t restrict freedom of movement and at the same time were perfectly suited to absorb the sweat and keep the muscles warm. Nowadays leggings are still useful as sports trousers, only some new innovations have been added to the materials. In the 80s, leggings also gained popularity in the section of everyday clothing. At that time, particularly flashy colors were trendy, which were combined with a wide variety of shoes and tops. Shortly after the start of the new millennium, leggings experienced a renaissance and have never lost their popularity since then. In addition to classics such as cotton or nylon, leggings are now also made of leather and synthetic leather, as well as denim, known as "jeggings". Wolford leggings can be found in a wide variety of materials. Artificial leather, nylon, modal and many more - at Wolford there are no limits to your imagination. Today almost every woman has a selection of leggings in her wardrobe. You can discover particularly high-quality models in the Wolford online shop.


Leggings are not just leggings. Before you think about the combination, you should first consider what kind of leggings you want in the outfit. If the outfit should look more sexy, (synthetic) leather leggings are a good idea. These can be perfectly combined with boots and a coat, for example, and are therefore a great styling option even in winter. Basically, leggings show their strengths best when the top worn with them is cut rather wide and fits loosely. If you still want to wear a t-shirt or a tighter blouse with leggings, it is a good idea to layer your look with a jacket, coat or blazer to prevent the entire outfit from looking too tight or constricting. A wide knitted sweater also goes perfectly with leggings. Of course, you don't have to wear women's leggings as the sole trousers. The combination with hot pants is particularly popular, for example, when it is still too cold for hot pants alone or the hot pants are too revealing for you. Leggings are also still in fashion under dresses and skirts. They have recently become established as a popular form of shapewear - items of clothing that shape your body and emphasize the figure. If you wear your leggings for sports, you can simply combine a sports bra or a sporty crop top to it - this offers the best freedom of movement and supplies a breath of fresh air to your body. Discover versatile leggings for all kinds of outfits at Wolford.


One of the most versatile types of leggings is also one of the simplest: the black leggings. These can be combined with almost all items of clothing and, thanks to the elegant black colour, manage not to distract too much from the core pieces of your outfit, while still adding their own character to it. A simple yet very stylish outfit is, for example, the combination of black leggings and a white top. On hot summer days normal leggings might make you sweat a little too much. In this case it is worth to consider wearing Capri leggings instead. These end a little below the knee and allow your legs to breathe more air. Browse through our Wolford online shop and find leggings that suit you and your needs.  

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