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Tips for making tights last longer

31.07.2012 / / Blog, Collections

Taking extra care when handling fine fabrics is worth it, starting with the moment you unpack a pair of our extremely delicate tights. It is best not to wear any jewellery, and to put on a pair of special gloves, for example the Wolford 'hosiery gloves', to protect the exquisite fabric. 

Anything sharp, rough or pointy can damage even the most superior quality tights. Particular attention should be paid to wearing shoes with a smooth inner. It is advisable to remove the label from any item of clothing that comes into direct contact with the tights.

Put tights on slowly and carefully in order to avoid laddering them.

The easiest and best way to put on a pair of tights is as follows:

1. Carefully roll one leg up all the way to the toe-part, put the tip of your foot into the rolled-up leg, and pull it gently across foot and heel. Repeat with the other foot.
2. Pull first one leg, then the other, slowly up over the knee, gently stretching the fabric in the process.
3. Get a good grip on the tights and pull them up to the crotch area until they sit nice and comfortably. Avoid hasty, tearing movements.
4. Then pull the panty-part of the tights up over hips and waist. In doing so, take care to hold on to the panty-part at the reinforced waistband only. Do not stretch the fabric too much.

Enjoy your Wolford quality products.

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