Pure 50


With a history spanning more than 60 years, the Wolford Group has set important milestones in fashion thanks to numerous product innovations. Among them, legwear styles such as the Miss W, Satin Touch and Velvet de Luxe tights, bodysuits, the Fatal Dress and the Mat de Luxe lingerie collection, all considered to be classics in a woman’s wardrobe. The PURE 50 TIGHTS herald the start of a new generation of legwear that are sure to continue this history-making tradition and carry forward Wolford’s commitment to distinction and innovation. Consider the perfect combination of advanced technology and premium materials:

  • Glued seams

  • Innovative material composition 

  • Extra-wide, soft comfort waistband 

  • Great comfort 

  • Perfect fit 

  • Opaque

 Imagine a pair of opaque tights that not only offers the nest materials and functionality, but is also designed with ultimate comfort in mind. Unique, innovative technology allows for the seams of the panty to be smoothly glued together making the tights invisible even underneath the most form- tting clothing. An extra-wide, soft waistband further guarantees a comfortable fit. Luxuriate in their sleek, matte look and incredibly smooth feel on the skin and experience exactly why the “PURE 50 TIGHTS” truly provide an unforgettable touch.