How many ideas, how many steps, and how many hands are needed to prepare a Wolford product for its big appearance?
Creativity, the latest CAD technology, modern knitting technology and fingerwork all make the meshwork of tomorrow possible today. However, today, as in the past, the creations from Wolford are implemented in many different production stages, which all build on one another. The most important stages are still done manually, to ensure that the high Wolford quality standards are adhered to. At the beginning there is a thread. This is fed into a perfectly coordinated production process to create the meshwork of dreams. 
Over 430,000 km of yarn compositions, often developed in-house, are processed every day to create high-quality tights as well as other products. High-tech and manual production go hand in hand here. The product would not receive its legendary quality and unmistakeable fit without the production workers, who, with their utmost concentration, intuition and attention to detail, are committed to Wolford quality